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Applications reliefs on hydropower

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Unlike three-dimensional object size, the reliefs are carved in relief or form concave to the length, width is actually still part floating indicative conventional terms. The value of the art works will be increased if they exist in space suit because art is always associated with the real space.
Therefore, when making a sculpture, reliefs and murals designers need to understand the environment where the work exists in order to find appropriate modes of representation that content works can express symbolic meaning clearly, concisely as possible.
Unlike the works of decorative plaques, reliefs monumental work is often thought deeply, physically expressive and artistic content, clear theme. Therefore, we need to be located in areas where the scanning position for the reader had time to admire the work.

Success in the art of architectural reliefs hydropower projects must include Hoover Dam - the US and the Three Gorges Dam - China. Content works reveal all its symbolic meaning for the public to enjoy. Bronze bas-relief on the Hoover Dam stylized image description workers are battling ferocious waters with the words 'Their sacrifice has made eternal river' and two series of 10 reliefs by concrete on the outside of two elevator towers; in it, the message of the series of 5 pictures out of the Nevada tower (left) turn from the bottom up: tame the water, boat traffic, irrigation, water storage and energy was the message of the series 5 reliefs on the towers Arizona (right) describes the life of residential settlements (Figure 1) or large format works reliefs surrounding panoramic observatory Three Gorges Dam is a combination of two arrays match opposing reliefs of colors and sizes: black frieze array describe people is buckling in the water and back again array reliefs pink playful image, vivid life of happiness, warmth no (Figure 2). They all remembered the workers, the engineers were sacrificing for the technical wonders of this building.

Along with the development of science and technology and enjoy the beauty needs of society, the idea of ​​painting - unique reliefs increasingly widespread, causing excitement for the spectacle, as bas Sculpture 'The Scorpion' - one of 12 in astrology symbols of the sculptor Oskar Hansen on the side of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River gorge Black

Thus, in organizing visual arts landscape contributes to the vision stops. Without stops, quality space will fade and disperse, not create attraction.
Source: Pham Lien Huong